Colour Mixing Kickstarter Course

for absolute beginners

The colour-mixing blueprint for beginner painters

Finally a course that shows beginner painters an easy intuitive way to mix colours using a limited palettte and have fun while painting.

Are you struggling to understand colour theory and apply it to mix colours of choice?

If you struggle to understand complex jargon and colour theory principles, then this short 15 day course is for you. This Kickstarter Course on How to Do Colour Mixing offers you the foundation to colour theory and easy ways to recall and apply it in practice. Learn easy methods to mix the right colours everytime. 

15 Days to better paintings for absolute beginners!

Learn easy methods to mix the right colours everytime. Paint freely and and confidently without interruptions to creative flow looking up recipes and complex theories. In this course you will :

colour theory basics 

Uncover an easy way to remember the colour-wheel system so you can master the use of key colour theory concepts for your paintings.

master use of limited palette 

Identify how to mix variety of colours using only 5 colour pigments

paint along project

Hone your skills by creating small paintings and painting a whimsy owl in watercolours

all you need to know

Identify the key to avoiding muddy colours in your paintings so you can then paint expressively to show your creative self.


We love ensuring that you continue to benefit from courses you do with us. These three bonuses have been lovingly created to help you continue to build and nourish your well-being and creative processes.

The 6-Point Star Colour Wheel System is a must-have tool for beginners to painting. It is an easy to remember version of the Colour Wheel for skilled and novices alike as it helps you recall the keys to avoiding muddy colours and colour scheme selection.

If you are just starting off with colour mixing then you will find this handy 'Colour Explorations' workbook a valuable tool to jump-start your colour-mixing journey. Feel more confident mixing a variety of colours after having used this workbook to create a repertoire of your custom colour-mixing recipes.

Grab this downloadable 'Colour-Mixing' resource Guide with links to books and programs that I have personally referred and used. This list will enable you to continue and up-level from the skills you have gained from this course.

Simple and easy steps to uncover ways to create your own colour mixes!

Course Summary

Discover an easy method to remember and apply the colour wheel to mix many colours using only five colour pigments. Learn the basics of colour theory and understand how to identify primary, secondary and tertiary colours. This course will also help you uncover the secret to avoiding muddying paintings and mix the right colours every-time. No previous skills needed except for the desire to create.

Course Curriculum

Soma Mandal Datta

About your Tutor: Soma Mandal Datta (Dr)

I am a mixed media artist from Perth, Australia. I have over 15 years of experience as an educator most of which was at a leading Australian University. I teach traditional art forms but my passion lies in teaching people ways to find their happy place through art. Having transformed my own life through an intuitive painting approach (rooted in expressive arts in art therapy), I am now super-passionate about showing people on how to create their own transformations through creative me-time and by applying the principles used in intuitive art. I hope these courses bring about positive transformations in your life and empower you with creative skills to nourish your well-being. 

Jump start your creativity with colourful paintings

Never paint muddy paintings again - feel confident in being able to create multiple hues from a limited palette.

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The whole course is a self paced course which means it is not run "live"with lessons released each week. I will be checking in a couple of times a week regardless and will be checking on your progress. There are video lessons some of which have multiple parts, mini quizzes to self-assess your learning, as well as workbooks to download to help you practice what you learn. There are discussion boards under lessons where you can discuss, share your work, interact with your classmates and get feedback from me on the work you create. Plus you get access to a private Facebook group where you can continue your learning  via peer-to-peer discussions, show and tell and connecting with old and new students.

Nope - this is suitable for all skill levels and no prior skills are required. Simply the desire to learn via exploration.

I am sorry but once you sign up then refunds will not be given. If there are technical difficulties I will work with NZenler to ensure these are sorted for you.

The whole curriculum is designed so it's easy to remember with a free method enabling recollection of the basic concepts in practical situations. Plus you get a free bonus ' Colour Explorations' workbook which you can use to practice what you have learnt as many times as you need. However, I would also recommend jotting down notes, ideas and inspirations in a visual diary/sketchbook which will become your very own learning tool for future courses and activities you might pursue in your creative journey.

This is a two week course. However life happens and some may need bit longer to complete. Your fee buys you 10 week access so you have bonus time to catch-up in case you fall behind. I would highly recommend doing your best to complete it within this time frame so you get the opportunity to share and get feedback on your art projects that result out of this project. Their is also a MEMBERSHIP OPTION for you to access ALL OUR COURSES including this one for a monthly fee. Email if you need to chat and we will be happy to discuss your options. 

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