Create your well-being by learning how to paint intuitively and uncovering arty ways to unwind, have fun and find joy.

Why Join Us

Tired of complexities of learning to painting? Tired of Paintings that do not express how you feel about the subject? Do you want to loosen up and just paint for fun? If you've always wanted to uncover the mindsets and skills that will allow you to paint more expressively then you will enjoy the courses we offer at our academy!
With over 13 years of experience painting with multiple mediums and teaching close to 1300 students I have developed teaching and learning styles around using art for de-stressing and having fun while painting. Here's are top 3 reasons how our courses can help you:

  • Develop the right mindsets that allow you to not only paint quickly but also achieve results minus the stress. 
  • Discover how to be flexible and choose the materials that work for you. 
  • Uncover the skills to paint expressively and with confidence. 

About Us

We Show You How to Paint for Pleasure, Leisure and Self-Discovery


 I am a firm believer of "Anyone can paint" school of thought only because I have seen the equivalent of 'two left feet' among my art groups master very complex techniques when no-one including themselves thought they could paint!
The secret to their success was their willingness to create and our teaching method, which encourages students to be fearless and adventurous while painting. I have refined and developed these methods over the years so that beginner painters with 'two left feet' can find their creative voice, learn difficult techniques, achieve sound results, and enjoy painting.
You are in the right place if you are looking for easy to learn and easy to paint art courses that will set you on the path of self-discovery. 


Our Membership program is for those who want to binge-watch all our art courses and get their art-fix whenever inspiration strikes for a monthly low fee. Plus our membership includes a free monthly coaching call valued at 150 $ !

What some of our student's have to say about our courses...

"Simple and beautiful. Was a beautiful course full of information and easy to follow. loved it. "

Tony Zama

Rtd. Builder, Au

"Colour Mix What an experience this colour mixing course has been. I had some knowledge of mixing primary colours but had no idea about complementary colours and tones. It has opened up a whole new world of colour mixing fun... Thanks very much Soma.

Jeanette E.

Rtd. Teacher, Au

 "...I used this course as 'Mother & Son' time with my 7 year old during school holidays. It began as fun but I was impressed on how the course has been designed with such simplicity that my son was highly motivated and found the techniques really easy to follow. I think it is highly commendable that your course can be easily followed by kids as well as adults...
Rashmi Y.

Architect + Blogger, Kenya 

Creative Self-Care

Our art classes are a great gift to give to a loved one... and to yourself.


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Coming Soon: How to Paint Expressive Abstracts 

Master creative mixed media layering techniques to be able to paint expressive abstracts with personal meaning.

Coming Soon: Mixed Media with watercolors

Paint a nature inspired painting while uncovering fun ways to create pattern, texture and forms using mixed media with watercolors.

Coming Soon: Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Uncover the secrets to painting with acrylic paints. No prior experience needed.