Think You Must Be Born Talented to Paint? Frustrated by Failed Attempts from DIY Videos and Books? 

Unlock Your Inner Artist: Join Our Art Coaching Program.

"Dear Creative Souls, Let me take you on a journey, where brushstrokes dance and colours whisper stories. I'm Soma, a passionate art educator and art coach, and I have a tale to share—a tale of unlocking your inner artist."

Why Join Us you ask?
Here's why....

Cultivate Your Creative Voice

Discover the depths of your artistic expression and develop a unique creative voice under my expert guidance.

Discover Your Artistic Style

Uncover your true artistic style with me and find the medium that resonates with your intuitive creative self.

Overcome Artistic Challenges

Join a vibrant community of like-minded artists, where you'll receive support and guidance to overcome any hurdles in your artistic journey.

Here's what some of our alumni say...

"Soma's Art Coaching Program has truly transformed my artistic journey. With her guidance, I found my unique style and developed the confidence to express myself authentically." 


"Joining Soma's program was the best decision I made for my art. Her expertise and supportive community gave me the boost I needed to overcome challenges and unlock my artistic potential." 


"I highly recommend Soma's Art Coaching Program. It's not just about the art; it's about self-discovery, personal growth, and finding joy through creativity. You won't regret it!" 


Here's an Overview of the program structure


12 weeks of immersive art coaching and mentorship.

Personalized Guidance:

One-on-one sessions, tailored assignments, and constructive feedback.

Resources and Support:

Access to curated materials, research-backed techniques, and a supportive online community.

Transformational Experience:

Unlock your true artistic potential, develop your unique style, and overcome artistic challenges.

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