Paint your way to 'happy'

3 SPEEDY WAYS to De-stress through Painting

Paint your 'happy' : 3 artsy ways to de-stress and affirm positive mindsets

Acknowledge the 3 proven reasons to invest time in creativity. Identify personally relevant affirmations to alleviate daily stresses. Uncover 3 practical ways to paint your day and affirm positive mindsets to de-stress and better your well-being. 

Here's What You'll Receive

This mini-course is meant for both of uninitiated and seasoned artists offering three easy ways to reconnect and refresh their creative self. It's for those who want to take charge of their well-being by investing in creative 'me-time'. All you need is an attitude of playful curiosity, desire to create and prioritise self-care.


Identify and gather your list of affirmations with personal relevance quotes and learn how to use them to fuel your creative explorations.


Learn 3 easy methods to affirm positive mindsets through painting. 

play and explore

Learn to trust and accept 'play' as part of creative process while creating your very own handmade deck of affirmation cards.

discover and create

Discover ways to warm up your creative side and paint as a way to unwind.

Bonus material

We love ensuring that you continue to benefit from courses you do with us. These three bonuses have been lovingly created to help you continue to build and nourish your well-being and creative processes. 

Bonus #1

'Create your Happy' Affirmations 

Grab this set of affirmation cards that I generally use as part of the ‘Intuitive Mixed-Media Master Class’ that I teach via virtual and non-virtual workshops. It’s an empowering tool as it contains specific affirmations that encourage you to let go, trust the process and open your mind and heart to new possibilities in art and in life. 

Bonus #2

Intuitive Mixed-Media Tool-box

If you are new to mixed media, then you'd find this handy check-list of materials helpful to create your own 'Intuitive Mixed-Media' tool-box. It explains how and what to select for your mixed-media toolbox and finding substitutes that will save you money and help the environment!

Bonus #3

'Find your Mojo' Art Journal Template

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec ultrices orci sit amet fringilla facilisis. Ut vel efficitur libero, sit amet suscipit odio.The 'Find your Mojo'Art journal is a must-have tool to break any creative blocks and to find inspiration. It provides you with variety of project prompts to find your creative spots and nurturing connections with your intuitive creative self.

Are you ready to take charge of your well-being?

"Self Care is so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel."

 ~ Eleanor Brown

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your fee buys you 30-day access for a 3 day course as 'Life happens' and we want you to have the extra time to benefit from the course.

Basic art kit comprising of: A pack of watercolors, thick art papers or canvas sheets or panels, scissors, sharpies or textas, assortment of brushes, palette, rags to clean brushes, a water container, pencil, ruler, eraser. You will also need a internet connection and device (mobile, tablet or PC) to view the course

Absolutely - the activities are designed to divert your brain to creative tasks thus silencing the chaos of the mind! There won't be any need to stifle thoughts or struggle to focus. Neither are prior art skills needed as the intent of this course is to find a much needed break while investing time in creativity and not to master fine art skills.

Soma Mandal Datta

About your Tutor: Soma Mandal Datta (Dr)

I am a mixed media artist from Perth, Australia. I have over 15 years of experience as an educator most of which was at a leading Australian University. I teach traditional art forms but my passion lies in teaching people ways to find their happy place through art. Having transformed my own life through an intuitive painting approach (rooted in expressive arts in art therapy), I am now super-passionate about showing people on how to create their own transformations through creative me-time and by applying the principles used in intuitive art. I hope these courses bring about positive transformations in your life and empower you with creative skills to nourish your well-being. 

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